TESCO® L3000e® PSU Power Supply

The TESCO PSU multi-port DC to DC power supply unit provides the required +12VDC and +5VDC for the L3000e® and other peripheral equipment.

It has been designed with an integrated battery backup system which engages, should the +24V primary power source fall 1.2V below the battery backup voltage input; a bumpless transfer to the battery backup voltage is initiated. If the primary voltage input rises to 1.2V greater than the battery backup voltage, a bumpless transfer back to the primary power input is performed.


  • Integral battery backup with bumpless transfer
  • Pull-apart terminal blocks
  • Spare fuse


L3000 PSU Power Supply Unit
2 Inputs Primary and backup
2 Inputs Primary and backup
2 Outputs Each output provides the required +12VDC and +5VDC
Input Voltage 6VDC to 34VDC
Primary>Backup 1.2V (to prevent L3000e from running on the backup battery)
Efficiency >95%
Operating Temp 150°F
+12V Total Amperage 4A
+5V Total Amperage 5A
Mount DIN Rail
Dimensions H 4.45” x D 4.25” x W 1.5”