Technology Careers

As an industry leader in our field, Tesco Controls, Inc. stays ahead of the curve with technological advances and innovations. As a member of our Technology team, you’ll be on the cutting edge, a key partner in the development and/or implementation of the latest technologies that make our products and services better.

Experienced Candidates

To remain on the cutting edge, TESCO is continually on the hunt for experienced and talented professionals in electrical/mechanical engineering, I&C engineering, SCADA development, programming, networking, cybersecurity and more! If you thrive on the challenge of creating new solutions and want to work with a company that rewards out-of-the-box thinking with generous pay and benefits, TESCO is the company for you!

Student Candidates

In our constant quest to partner with the brightest minds, TESCO regularly recruits new talent from the engineering departments at reputable universities. If you’re looking for a place to put your newly acquired knowledge and fresh new ideas to work while getting in on the ground floor of a company that will give you room to grow and advance—you’ve found it!

Potential Opportunities

Our Technology division affords a wide range of career opportunities that may be perfectly suited to your skills and talents. Here are just a few areas where you might specialize as a member of our team.

  • Automation
  • CAD Drafting
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics (implemented in digital, analog or power)
  • Energy Performance
  • Instrumentation and Controls (I&C) Engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Networking and Telemetry
  • PLC Programming
  • Project Management
  • Research and Development
  • SCADA Development
  • Service and Support
  • Software (embedded and web technologies)
  • System Architecture